Using iPad to increase productivity in real estate

Harcourts South Africa is a real estate company that prides itself on excellent customer service. Whilst their roots extend across the globe to New Zealand in 1888, Harcourts’ vision is set firmly on the future, as they continually strive to improve their systems, offer higher levels of service and train and equip their staff to achieve the best possible outcomes for their customers. Their top priority is to provide their agents with the right knowledge and expertise and to foster honesty and integrity, enabling them to establish relationships with their customers based on trust and respect. Harcourts knows that real estate is about people’s needs and aspirations and their commitment to fulfilling these has led to their success.

With the launch of iPad, Harcourts quickly realised that it was going to be a game changer for the real estate industry. In order to raise their competitive level of service, Harcourts decided to actively engage with technology and develop a range of iPad only apps for their agents to use in the field. Their 3 apps eOne, eCampaign and eInspect, focus on contact and task management, securing seller mandates and rental property inspections respectively. In real estate, time is precious and information is powerful, so the main objective was to provide agents with the right tools to give them instant access to a vital set of updated information required to service their customers better. With the implementation of iPad at Harcourts, and the use of their internal apps, agents are now more mobile, professional, efficient and productive.

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How one company used an iPad app to transform its sales’ operations and teams

“Without iPad and Morpheus on this project, I don’t think we would have come close to the results we have seen in the marketplace.”

– Louis Opperman, general manager, Red Bull ZA

As a creative and forward-thinking energy drinks company, Red Bull ZA constantly looks for ways to innovate and give further flight to their business.They understand the importance of constantly evolving their business to remain ahead of their competitors, and technology has been identified as a key driver and differentiator behind this process.

Towards the end of 2012, Red Bull ZA discovered the need to improve their bottom-line sales, and optimise their call cycles, which is the time sales representatives spend in the field visiting their retail clients to check on each outlet’s performance and product displays.

The company embarked on a journey that would transform not only its sales operations, but other areas of the business too. They partnered with Morpheus Commerce, a software development company specialising in mobile platforms, to assess how to be more productive using technology.

With a keen awareness of the power of iPad in business, they decided to use the advanced software platform developed by Morpheus Commerce, specifically for iPad. Morpheus designed the Sales Force Automation (SFA) app, allowing Red Bull ZA to better plan their sales visits, easily assess and report on individual retail outlets, and access product and marketing information on the go. With the implementation of this project, Red Bull ZA has seen an improved and more efficient sales team.

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