Founded in 1889 in the dust of the gold rush, Sacred Heart College is a school rich in history. In 1979, Sacred Heart College opened its doors to children of all races for the first time and through a generous donations structure, children from disadvantaged areas were given a high quality education. As a result, the school has grown to be an institution that reflects the diversity of South African society. Sacred Heart College covers a values based education that aims to produce children who are able to think critically and succeed in a changing world. Sacred Heart’s core philosophy is to foster a child’s eagerness to explore by creating an environment where children are dynamic participants in their own learning. Students are encouraged to think critically through an innovative and explorative curriculum and lessons are designed to give students the opportunity to problem solve through creative applications.

The school also aims to provide learning programmes that are individualised and cater for the specific needs of their students. This type of purposeful learning philosophy requires a forward thinking and innovative approach and resulted in the strong investment in technology at the school. Today, through a well planned implementation strategy and passionate commitment, every teacher and student at Sacred Heart College has access to an iPad.

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