We offer people the most exciting information, communication and entertainment technology for work and play, and service them through our network of resellers and our own retail outlets.

For these reasons, we strategically align ourselves with global companies that are the drivers of innovation in their industry, sometimes creating entire new categories.

At the core of our business is the Apple brand. We are the sole distributors for Apple in Sub-Saharan Africa. In support of Apple, our accessories brands offer products that enhance this technological eco-system.

New Core Group Structure



Core Group Africa (CGA) is a subsidiary of Core Group of Southern Africa.

Core Group has represented some of the world’s leading information, communication and entertainment technology companies in South Africa since the end of the 1980s. Our key brands are Apple and Nintendo, and we also represent many of the key ancillary brands.

We typically act as the exclusive and dedicated full-service brand custodians, managing a brand’s presence from end-to-end, taking care of logistics, distribution, sales, marketing, retail operations and regulatory compliance.

Over the years, Core Group branched out into other countries in Africa, which culminated in 2011 in the establishment of a dedicated sales and distribution company in Cyprus: Core Group Africa.

For more details on how to become a reseller of either Apple or Nintendo, please contact:

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Core Group Africa Limited

HE 286496

5th Floor, 26 Nikis Avenue, Nicosia, Cyprus

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